Heidi Walczak -


I have been a bug for as long as I can remember. What  once was just a term of endearment from my Dad has now become my creative identity in LuckyBug Creations. I’ve been a crafter all my life (thanks Momma), but have been more focused on paper-crafting in the last decade or so. I relish being able to create tiny little pieces of art.

Outside of my Craft Cave, I’ve been married to my car-guy fella, Bill for twelve years and I’m Momma to a monkey of son, Eli who is involved in Scouting and plays the cello. I have the best neighbors in the world (my mom and dad) and absolutely adore that my son is growing up next-door to Grammy and Ampa, just like when I was little. Between home, family, work, and crafting, life is often a little crazy but always so much fun.